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Amp Choice within the monitors

fifou-med, modified 9 Years ago.

Amp Choice within the monitors

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I had a discuss with a friend yesterday, who reads and studies electronics for his work (He is a high technical director for French Government), and built, on his free time, his own 3-way monitor pair this last couple of years, just for fun. He used 30" for lows, 11" for mids, and a big ribbons tweeter for highs... :o The pair is intended to be used in his 130m3 living room. He told me that most of respected Audiophiles sellers in Paris were completely astonished by hearing the result of his work, offering him to buy and build his monitors for commercial purpose, etc. I still haven't had the possibility to go to Paris and listen to his work yet. So we discussed about the fact I had always been very disappointed by "Audiophile" listenings, whatever the cost of the system, because I couldn't find the incredible details and the huge dynamic and clarity I usually find in high grade professionnal monitoring systems, Genelec in particular (my 8050 for example) :cry: . He bet my monitors had a class D amp, and explained me that one way he managed to get such impressive results was by switching from an A ou D amp type for a T type, specially for the mediums... 8-) I'm not an engeneer neither a electronic professionnal, so I didn't understand and remember a lot :roll: ; I answered that if a single guy was able to build something so "great" only on his free time, like some "Audiophile" people so usually do, and think about using T amps type instead or A or D, Big companies with big R&D founds and full time working A Graded ingeneers MUST have thought about that and tried to do the same. I explained him that whatever he may have build and thought about amps, I couldn't see how Genelec or big companies could do design and choose by habit, ignore new technologies and researches, or persist in the same technologies. I suppose Genelec has good reasons to use Class D amps,or A amps (8260 if I remember well)for the mediums, it is not an accident, but I hadn't the knowledge nor the explanations to argue... :oops:
Could you please tell me more about it ?