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genelec 1032 in a small room

vmolii, modified 8 Years ago.

genelec 1032 in a small room

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I want to buy two professionals monitors but my room is small (arround 10 m2 and 23 m3) It´s a overkill mixing with this monitors in my room? My room is treated, but not professional treated.

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ilkka-rissanen, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: genelec 1032 in a small room

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May I ask why have you considered 1032A monitors for such a small room? Do you need the SPL and/or low frequency extension of big monitors?

Usually it's not a problem to have large Genelec monitors even in very small rooms due to room eq settings all Genelec monitors have. You can quite easily control the amount of bass by selecting the suitable room eq settings on the speakers.