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1031a Hums and needs repair

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1031a Hums and needs repair

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I have a pair of 1031As and I loved them but haven't used them since I closed my studio in 1995. I recently realized I still had them (they were in storage) and I tried plugging them in. Although the speakers don't sound blown, one of them has a 60hz hum going on. In addition, there may also be a very faint, higher frequency hum going on at the same time in that speaker cabinet (I'm not sure). I have a friend that can fix it for me but he needs a schematic. Since this is such an old speaker, is there any way, I can acquire the schematic for it? If it would help, maybe I could upload a recording of that speaker playing back so that some expert here on the forum can point me in the right direction as to what the cause may be so we can isolate the problem.

Thank you,

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Re: 1031a Hums and needs repair

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Hi Mario,

There are no user serviceable parts inside the speaker. Therefore we do not provide schematics or service instructions. Please contact your local distributor for nearest professional service center.