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7050B with 1029A's to 27inch IMAC

punkclot, modified 6 Years ago.

7050B with 1029A's to 27inch IMAC

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 5/21/13 Recent Posts
Hi Guys

I've trawled through as much as I can on the internet but would appreciate some clarification from some audio bods out there, I'm basically using this setup as an editing system so have never had to think much beyond a "simple" connection until now.

I own a pair of 1029a's and have been using them on my mac, connected via a 1/4 inch male Jack from the 1029a's to a female RCA splitter and into the mini jack port mic of the iMac.

Now I've bought a 7050B and would love some guidance on how to set this up. I know I need two more cables (and probably an adapter/ 3 pin DIN connector for the Sub?)

To clarify: I have the following in terms of cables.
2x 1/4 male Jack to rca male
1x 1/8 mini jack to left and right RCA female

Firstly, am i correct in assuming that the 1029a's plug into the sub and the sub takes the line out as two separate cables and into the 1/8 stereo jack to split female RCA connector? by this I mean: I ply the speakers into the Sub and then two cables from the sub feed into my 1/8 mini jack to left and right RCA female..?

If this is correct then based on my current cable system do I theoretically need:

2x cables din to din for 1029a's to sub (front left & front right)
2x adapters for my 1/4 jack Male to 3pin DIN from sub to my split female RCA interface to IMAC (for front left & right)

Apologies for the convoluted email but I just don't know whether the LFE output has a role to play. I've no plans to go surround sound. All I need is to control the volume via the mac and play via the mac. I ideally would like to use the two cables i already have so would like to know:

a) what cables & adapters I need
b) whether it's as simple as speakers front left/front right into sub then front left front right sub out into mac via my mini jack cable.

Hopefully this makes some sense and hopefully someone out there can assist me!

Many Thanks

PS: here are my current cables
ilkka-rissanen, modified 10 Years ago.

Re: 7050B with 1029A's to 27inch IMAC

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

You can connect it two different ways, either through the subwoofer or through the speakers.

You need the following cables.

Through the sub:
1. 1/8 inch stereo jack to two male XLR (not DIN)
2. Two female XLR to two male XLR

Through the speakers:
1. 1/8 inch stereo jack to two male XLR
2. Two 1/4 inch jacks to two male XLR

Which ever way you will connect it, remember to engage dip switch no. 2 for 85 Hz bass roll-off on both speakers.

You don't need to worry about LFE if you will be playing only stereo material. Just connect the cables to front left and right connectors.
punkclot, modified 10 Years ago.

Re: 7050B with 1029A's to 27inch IMAC

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 5/21/13 Recent Posts
Thanks for response Ilkka!