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8250 AES/EBU digital inputs not working

mattski, modified 10 Years ago.

8250 AES/EBU digital inputs not working

Youngling Posts: 5 Join Date: 3/12/13 Recent Posts

I've been using analog input on my new 8250s so far and today I tried the digital inputs but something isn't right. Initially, it worked but sounded as though the left speaker was summing both channels as the stuff in the middle of the mix had a definite left bias.

To setup, I:-
1. Connected a Weiss INT202 FireWire-AES/EBU converter to my Mac mini.
2. Connected the INT202 in single wire mode to the right hand speaker input.
3. Connected the AES thru of the right speaker to the input of the left.
4. Connected the control network similarly.
5. Created a new profile with the wizard for stereo Digital with single wire AESnand rerun autocal.
6. Stored settings, saved profile, stored settings to speaker and set stored dip switches to on.

Were there any other dip switch settings necessary, maybe AES channel settings?

I left things for a while and then tried again but now no audio is heard from via the AES/EBU input no matter what I've tried but it is still fine via analog inputs.

LEDs are green for both speakers, test signal still works and LEDs go red if I turn the converter off.

I've tried:-
1. Swapping the cables around and which speaker gets the source.
2. Feeding the INT202 into my DACs AES input and then into the analog input - converter is fine.
3. Creating another stereo digital single wire profile.
4. Ensuring volume is up and preferred audio device is to converter - works fine if fed to DAC.
5. Power cycle everything.
6. Switch to analog profile and back to digital.

It all looks fine in GLM from what I can tell - sees both speakers etc.

Is there a diagnostic test I can do or logs I can check? Is it possible the AES inputs could have failed?

mattski, modified 10 Years ago.

Re: 8250 AES/EBU digital inputs not working

Youngling Posts: 5 Join Date: 3/12/13 Recent Posts
I've spoken to the UK distributor who were *amazingly* helpful and fixed it. It looks like things got in a twist and it was rectified by cycling the stored/manual dip switch, setting bank 2 switched to off (apart from stored) and re-running autocal... all good now :-)