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8020A with 5050A

aliboogie, modified 8 Years ago.

8020A with 5050A

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What is best way to plug the 8020A with the 5050A Sub? The 8020A on the 5050A or the 5050A on the Outputs of 8020A? I use an X-Desk to control my monitoring volume. May I leave my 8020A fully opened? What about the sensitivity of 5050A and 8020A bass RollOff ? Thanks!
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Re: 8020A with 5050A

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You can choose between either option. If you go first to the sub and from there to the speakers, do not engage the 85 Hz bass roll-off. If from the output of the speaker, do engage the roll-off.

You can leave the speaker gains fully open. Please see the 5050A operating manual for further information on setting the level and phase.