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Small bar 2.2/2.1 system recommendations

jonathan-s, modified 9 Years ago.

Small bar 2.2/2.1 system recommendations

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I'm setting up the sound for a bar that's a room around 40m2, rectangular, with ~3.2 metres to the ceiling. The walls are basically concrete so i'm gonna try and get fabric/diffusing furniture up here and there. Also i think it's a good idea to keep the speakers out of the corners?

My idea of a setup is two 8020 and two 5040, and just put the left/right channels through each sub and into the 8020s.

The sound volume won't be very high, as people eating/drinking should be able to hear themselves speak. But with that said, you never know what happens after 23:00...

Are two 8020s enough, or should i maybe get a third? Is there anything else you'd want to know about the room in order to make a recommendation? What i don't want is a) _hard_ sound that makes it hard to speak, or b) far too low sound

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Re: Small bar 2.2/2.1 system recommendations

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Hello Jonathan,

40 sqare meters is fairly large space for two 8020 speakers. I would opt for 2 pairs so 4 speakers total. One subwoofer for each pair of speakers. With two pairs of speakers you will get much more uniform sound field inside the room which will increase the perceived sound quality. They will also be capable of higher sound levels should it be necessary after 23:00. :)