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two 8020b and 7050b connection

hardtom, modified 9 Years ago.

two 8020b and 7050b connection

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I have two genlelec 8020b and I want to purchase the
Subwoofer 7050b
The question is :how to connect them?
I'm so messed up with explanations
Because no outputs in 8020b
What to do? and how to connect?
i realize that need to purchase a "splitter cable"
this is that cable right?
One male and two female?

*the other option ,if im right it:
connect them like this:
1)from the source left/right to the 7050b input left/right
2)from 7050b output left/right to the 8020b input
3)that its! :) play the music !(without lef connection or somthing!)
its o,k? or is like the option with the "splitter cable"?

please help
and thanks! ;)
sorry about my english
ilkka-rissanen, modified 9 Years ago.

Re: two 8020b and 7050b connection

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

The correct way to connect is the option 2, so first from the source to the subwoofer and from there to the speakers. Splitter cable is not needed. The subwoofer and speakers have XLR connectors.