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Ok finally received my GLM package today and everything seemed to go according to plan.

A couple of questions though.. sorry if they've been answered elsewhere before.

I guess the software needs to be running in order for the autocal adjustments to take effect, right? So if i close they app then the speakers go back to un treated. Is there no way you could have the GLM app on your toolbar in Mac OS so you can easily see that its active. It would also be good to easily adjust the volume.

I have just moved into my new studio space and i haven't set the room up properly yet. There is very little thought put to acoustic treatment and one of the speakers is sort of in a corner.... but i wasn't expecting such massive adjustments by the autocal process..

is this normal

its the left speaker thats in the corner

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Re: autocal

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The GLM needs to be running if you want to change any of the settings including volume, but otherwise you can store the AutoCal settings into the speakers and close the software, even unhook the GLM network. In order to save the settings, two things need to be done.

1) Set the 1st dip of the second row to ON on every speaker. This ensures that the speaker uses the stored settings.

2) Go to Setup | Store acoustics settings to all online speakers.

For a simple volume adjustment solution, GLM supports Griffin Powermate external USB volume controller:

The AutoCal correction looks absolutely normal. You can view the original and corrected frequency response by clicking the "Interactive response editor".