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Need advice setting up 5.1 surround sound system

corradobrit, modified 11 Years ago.

Need advice setting up 5.1 surround sound system

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 12/2/11 Recent Posts
I did a search and couldn't find the answers to my questions. I'm familiar with the Meridian range of products having used a DSP speaker system in conjunction with a G68 processor. There were some elements of the sound that I didn't like for HT applications and so i sold it. I've now decided to get back into active speaker technology and have an opportunity to buy a set of S30C speakers or 1038B's. Which is more suitable for a home theater?

Setting up the Meridian speakers was very straightforward, but after reading the manuals for the Genelecs I'm a little confused how to setup the 5 main speakers using the digital XLR inputs if I'm using the daisychain wiring approach. I believe I will need RCA to XLR interconnects, but how do you differentiate the speakers as LCR and surround. The dip switches on the back of the S30's only allow the user to set L or R.

Is there a significant audible difference between the analog XLR and digital XLR inputs on the speakers. Currently my OPPO BDP83 is doing the conversion to LPCM which is then being passed through my Integra Research RDC7 analog 5.1 inputs. Would it be better to output the bitsteam digital signal via SPDIF to the processor and then use the balanced XLR outputs directly to the analog XLR inputs on the speaker?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 10 Years ago.

Re: Need advice setting up 5.1 surround sound system

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

I am little confused about your question because neither the S30C not the 1038B has digital inputs. Only S30 with digital inputs is the D revision. Please clarify.