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Ideal Placement ... Genelec 6010A and 5040 in a bedroom

auralphoenix, modified 11 Years ago.

Ideal Placement ... Genelec 6010A and 5040 in a bedroom

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I just posted on another sub-forum here, about my monitor 'break-in' dilemma ...
I'm talking about my new Genelec 6010A pair, the last link in the chain of my recording and production suite I have been assembling very very painstakingly for the past 2 years at home. And the subwoofer 5040 arrives in a few days to complete the set-up. I intend to get to know these lil' babies really well, you know ... get my ears used to them, before I shift them over to an acoustically treated, symmetrical and well-isolated room that i'm building ... The AuralPhoenix Atelier, a project-studio-of-a-kind. More on that later ...

Till then, it's the bedroom that they call home ...

It is a bedroom, with curtains, doors, windows, closets, beds, dressing table, even my family sleeping and moving around sometimes lol ... and somehow in the midst of all this, because we HAD to temporarily set-up and work, all my gear too ...

I need help with the placement of these 6010A and the 5040 sub now...

This is how I've placed them for now ...

1] They're approx. 14~15" from the front wall ... ( I'm measuring from the speaker enclosure's geometrical centre )

2] They're 36" apart, with my macbook pro and apogee duet in between ...

3] I'm ~50-52" from the front wall, 60" from the side walls ( little 6" to the right though, ooops) I could shift dead centre of the room width. And I'm ~100" from the back wall, which has a doorway and a closet in it. I can't go any back though, bed obstruction ( can't remove it, it's a bedroom after all lol :P ).

4] They are placed on a rectangular glass table-top ( 40" x 12" ), which in turn is resting on a on a regular X-shaped stage-keyboard-stand. The Mac is resting on that glass too. The glass is 24" from the floor, and reaches upto my chest in listening position.

5] The room is 128" wide, 157" long and 9' 3" in height.

6] To my right, is a window, with curtains, and my 29" LCD and Midi keyboard on a low shelf, same height as monitors. To my left is a door, lil' backwards-left a closet. Behind me, a double bed. Lotsa clutter around too lol. :lol:

My questions :

1] How apart shall I keep them for optimal sound quality in the aforesaid room for now ?!?!
Remember I'll be adding a subwoofer 5040 in a few days too.

2] How far from the front wall should they be placed ?!?!

( I don't really plan to do any temporary treatment here unless it involves building collapsible panel/s with low cost materials. Let's see where the wind blows ... )

3] Where does the sub go , Where do I put it up ?!?! How do I break-in that 5040 subwoofer ?!?! How do I engage bass-dip and/or Phase setting combination on it ?! How do I pair it up 'Optimally' with the 6010A ?!

4] How much 'Bass Tilt' do I dial in in the 6010s for now, and does this need to be altered/changed when the Subwoofer 5040 is attached to the whole system ? Any 'desktop control' needed ? There's barely 3" of glass surface in front of the monitors and I could bring them closer to myself and reduce/eliminate this reflective surface if needed. But they would be 16~17" from the front wall instead of the 14~15" now. Is that a better thing ?! I can't go any further back lol, there's a bed behind me. So ...

Thx for the help,



p.s.: Is it possible that all this ain't necessary to fuss about ?!!? cause they're too small anyway... ?!?! ( dealer suggestion 8-) )
ilkka-rissanen, modified 11 Years ago.

Re: Ideal Placement ... Genelec 6010A and 5040 in a bedroom

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