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8020B + 5040 setting (large or small setting)

rokke, modified 12 Years ago.

8020B + 5040 setting (large or small setting)

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 11/10/11 Recent Posts

I have a pair of 8020B and 5040 subwoofer. In my yamaha 1067 amplifier I have the option to set the front speakers as large or small. The bass are sent directly to subwoofer (LFE) bass cross over is set to 80 Hz but I'm not sure if I should set the front speakers as "Large" or "Small" in my amp? So the question goes if 8020b is capable of handling the sound field for "Large"? I can hear that when set front speakers as "large" (and disable subwoofer to hear only 8020b) the sound is more powerful than when set to "Small". Anyhow I don't know if it messes up with the 5040 somehow when it is also set ON. Which setting would be more preferable to get out a correct sound field? Front speakers are not connected via subwoofer.

Ps. Thank you for very good forum! :)

ilkka-rissanen, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: 8020B + 5040 setting (large or small setting)

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

You have two different options to choose from:

1) Connect speakers via the subwoofer (left front, right front and LFE). Then you need to set speakers as "large" because the subwoofer is handling the crossover duties. This the the method Genelec recommends.

2) Do not connect speakers via the subwoofer (only LFE connected to subwoofer). Then you need to set speakers as "small" because the AV receiver is handling the crossover duties. Also make the sure the subwoofer is enabled in the options (Yamaha) and crossover frequency is set to 80 Hz.