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5.1 for a venue, with a twist; recommendations?

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5.1 for a venue, with a twist; recommendations?

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[Quiet in here, but since this is a fixed installation, let's give it a shot ;) ]

I'm wrestling with a venue setup, where I'd like to start off with 2.1 and retain the flexibility to scale it to 5.1 using a bunch of 8030A (4030A) and a matching sub. The problem stems from mixing digital and analog sources, and there are a couple of approaches I've come up with, but I'm stuck.

The audio sources are:
3 Macs
1 PS3
Wireless Mics
Random analog device

Scenario 1:
I could get the AV system set up using HDMI from the Macs and PS3, through a receiver such as the Onkyo TX-NR809 which would manage both video switching and audio out through its plentiful pre-outs. But since it has no mixer, I can't use it to mix in the analog signal from the mics.

Solution (that may well be ill advised) : Intercept two of the pre-outs from the receiver (front L and front R), pass them to a mixer, mix in analog sources, and pass out to the speakers. The analog, secondary sources would be stereo only in Front L and R, but I can live with that- rack mount mixers with stereo out are plentiful and within my budget. However, latency and signal level issues may ruin it all- is this a bad idea?

Scenario 2:
Pick up surround sound through TOSlink from Macs and PS3, mix together with analog sources, output to speakers as usual.

Solution: no idea. Due to sync issues, mixing several digital sources seems to be an issue, and I haven't run into a mixer solution that would accept these sources AND output something in an active multi-speaker-friendly format.

Any pointers welcome :) I'm fine with doing a software based mixing solution involving a bunch of interfaces connected to a Mac, but would like to keep the boxes external on an iMac, rather than going for a Mac Pro etc.
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Re: 5.1 for a venue, with a twist; recommendations?

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You need to move into the pro market were strange switching devices exist, should do everything you need, simply feed this into your surround processor. You we also need a control system to make the system usable by everyone.