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Does the angle of wall mounted 8020B impact sound?

mrjameskent, modified 4 Years ago.

Does the angle of wall mounted 8020B impact sound?

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I've got my first pair of Genelec monitors (8020B) upgraded from some KRK Rokit 5s for both sound and also room aesthetic reasons.

I've wall mounted the 8020Bs with the 8000-412B Adjustable wall mounts; the speakers are pretty much flat in angle rather than pointing up or down.

I'm keen to angle them down to create more space on my desk if possible as my set up is set into an alcove; see the picture attached. I want to move the speakers up so that basically the bottom of the speaker is the same height at the top of my iMac screen.

My question is whether moving the wall mounts higher up the wall and adjusting the mounts so the speakers angle down towards me will have any sort of impact?

Also, should I be using the -6 bass tilt in this setup?

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Re: Does the angle of wall mounted 8020B impact sound?

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Hi James,

Yes, speakers should always point directly to the listener in both horizontal and vertical planes. That way you will ensure the best possible sound quality.

I would start with -2 dB or -4 dB bass tilt and listen to some of your favourite tracks. If you feel that the sound is still too "heavy", try -6 dB tilt, but usually it's not needed unless the speakers are flush-mounted.