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Hard time 8040a-s

ginterh, modified 11 Years ago.

Hard time 8040a-s

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 6/28/11 Recent Posts
Hi, I finally decided to try to adjust my pair of 8040a-s to optimal positions and I've found some really concerning problems. Here's some pictures of the positions and room:

Issue #1: I did a frequency test and the result is that the volume is very low at 65-75 Hz and then goes very loud at about 100 Hz. Do you have any idea, what might cause that? Also my closet resonates somewhere over 100, but I guess I have to cope with that. As you can see, there is a huge window right behind the speakers. Might that be a problem? (Though I haven't noticed any resonance with it).
Would it help if I moved the desk to the opposite side of the room, where there is no window?

Issue #2: My right 8040a-s gain button has a defect, when the volume gets too high, something happens to it and it attains maximum gain until I move it a bit with something sharp. Also it's somewhy much quieter, my left speaker is at +6 dB and the defected right one is at 0, that way they're the same volume. Should I go to warranty? Do I have to go to Finland to get a new one? (I live in Estonia btw)

Also my soundcard is Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ and since it doesn't have balanced outputs, I have to use an active d-box with a 9V battery. Does upgrading to a decent soundcard with balanced outputs help anything?

Please don't hesitate from asking more specific questions.

Thanks in advance,

ninjaws, modified 11 Years ago.

Re: Hard time 8040a-s

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 12/5/10 Recent Posts
I saw lots of problems in the images...
first of all deal with your sound card if it has problems then seal the movable part of the window with good gaskets, then cover the whole opening with heavy drapes.(Its not expensive at all)
the real problem with windows are at lower frequencies...
The last resort for smaller and reflective rooms is (-6dB) bass roll off at the back of the speakers.