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8240 DSP + 7050B?

tuomio, modified 10 Years ago.

8240 DSP + 7050B?

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I have now a 7050B subwoofer and a couple of 8020's.

I'm planning to purchase a couple of 8240 DSPs' and replace my 8020's with those. I'm also planning to use the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager and Autocal to optimize the sound.

Is it possible to keep this 7050B subwoofer with this system (2 x 8240DSP + 7050B) , or do I have to buy a DSP subwoofer too?

I have a home studio, the size of the room is abt 4x 7 meters...
heycarnut, modified 10 Years ago.

Re: 8240 DSP + 7050B?

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Yes, you can do this no problem.
Analog -> 7050b -> 8240a analog input

The GLM/autocal will not see the subwoofer, but will calibrate the 8240a full range. You can then manually configure the 7050b using its controls (and some good measurement tool if possible).