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Unbearable lack of grounded outlets

yaschan, modified 12 Years ago.

Unbearable lack of grounded outlets

Youngling Posts: 23 Join Date: 6/24/10 Recent Posts
The Genelec 8020B manual points out that the monitors must always be connected to grounded outlets. I can understand why this is so. Sure! I totally agree.

However, here in Japan, I rarely see such things as grounded outlet. In my house even the bathroom mirror closet's outlet is ungrounded! (A bit dangerous, don't you think?) Only grounded outlet I can find is in my balcony for my washing machine. (Even that grounding is a bit shaky, a wire just pointing out from the cable, and you need to get in there and mess with the thumbscrew in the outlet)

Will the lack of grounding potentially shorten the life of Genelec monitors? What other possibly hazards can there be?
ilkka-rissanen, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: Unbearable lack of grounded outlets

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

During normal use, the EMC performance of the product can be weakened by not using a grounded outlet. In the case of the analogue products like 8020B, there is no RF radiated from the product, so only the RF immunity would be affected. This means that, for example, cell phone interference might be louder.

Without the safety ground connection there will be no possibility of audible ground loop problems caused by other equipment in the system with (badly designed) common signal/safety grounding. Note that there are safe ways of removing ground loops cheaply too!

The very serious problem is that the product safety is compromised. The insulation inside the product is designed for a safety grounded chassis, and so the safety depends on safety ground. In the unlikely event of a fault condition, the chassis could become live and dangerous. The product has not been tested for safety without the safety ground connection. We cannot take responsibility for any damage to human life or the product if it is used without a safety ground connection.

Best regards,