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8020 and 7050

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8020 and 7050

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that's gonna be a long story
i'm seeking your help for defining what monitors I need
I have some money limited and i live in Russia and the cheapest way to purchase monitors from europ or directly from Finland.
To say more, my money limit is 1200 euro
I'm choosing between several kits: 8020 A or B + 7050 A or B / 8030A.
I know that 8020A are no longer in production but they are still being sold and the first question is - is 8020A+7050A a good pair and ia that possible to connect them? 7050A is same as 7050B but the quantity of inputs/outputs differs as well as with 8020a and b?
I wanted to get 8020 + 7050B from Koln musicstore in Germany but shippment price of 18 kg sub is approximately 500 euros. so i decided either to look for cheaper price (like straight from Finland) or get 7050A here in Russia(because it's approximatey same price as 7050B in Koln without shipment=750euro).
So could you advise a retailer store in Finland which can help me with that?
This particular problem made me turn to 8030 without sub, but I'm a fan of deep tech sound and trying to make my mixes as my favorite produces (Kalkbrenner, Stimming).Will 8030 be better than 8020 + 7050 for me?
I know this is a hard task but please suggest the best awy for me because I really want to buy your monitors but I'm stuck with all these problems.
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Re: 8020 and 7050

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Ok, I will try to give you some answers to your questions. :)

-Genelec sells through retailers in Finland too, so there are no direct sales from the factory. So only shipping price might be slightly different to Germany. Here is a list of the official retailers in Finland (list of different cities):

-8020A and 7050A do work together, but 8020B can't be used with 7050A. Both 8020A and 8020B can be used with 7050B. 7050A is already a discontinued model and you shouldn't be able to buy it any more. Also 7050B offers you better performance.

-8020 & 7050 or 8030 is a difficult question, but personally I would choose 8030 now and then save some more for a subwoofer (7050 or more preferably 7060) later.