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5.1 System, 5040+6010A+Sony STR DA3500ES Receiver

anand, modified 11 Years ago.

5.1 System, 5040+6010A+Sony STR DA3500ES Receiver

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/5/10 Recent Posts
I have a Home Theater set-up in which I am using the 5040A and 5x6010A speakers for surround, a Full HD Projector, PS3 for Blu-Ray movies/gaming and Sony STR DA3500ES AV Receiever. Initially i was looking for a Blu-Ray player with discreet 5.1 output for the speakers but I couldn't find one so I thought of buying a PS3 and because of that I bought a Sony STR DA3500ES, so I could hook the PS3 with the Receiver with a HDMI cable and give the pre-out from the receiver to the sub-woofer and then to all the 6010A. But now the problem is that when I watch movies sometimes the subwoofer starts to peak and it makes knocking thud like sound. The first time I noticed when we were watching Avatar and there after the same thing happened with THX promo...

I tried looking to the driver closely reversing the subwoofer and it appears as if the driver hits the grill. Like wise two of my 6010 also rattles at certain frequency which is quite annoying. It seems I have made a mistake choosing these speakers.

So kindly let me know what could be the reasons and suggest me the appropriate measures to resolve this problem.

ilkka-rissanen, modified 11 Years ago.

Re: 5.1 System, 5040+6010A+Sony STR DA3500ES Receiver

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts
Hello ANAND,

I got your PM too, but I might as well answer here so that everyone will see it.

My first hand impression is that there is nothing wrong with your system, other than that you are pushing it too hard. Overload noises from both the subwoofer and the main speakers indicate that the system isn't able to reproduce the sound pressure levels asked. May I ask you to describe your home theater room more accurately (size, listening distance, acoustics etc.)? Where did you buy the system and did you get any consultation during the system selection/purchase?

Another possibility is that both the subwoofer and the speakers are somehow defected and need service. But let's figure out the overloading issue first.