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Won the factory visit 2010!

pert, modified 12 Years ago.

Won the factory visit 2010!

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Diary of my visit to Genelec,

When I found out I was the winner of the Genelec factory tour, I was both surprised and excited. What a great opportunity to go and see how all these great products are made! After getting the date agreed on everybody’s schedules it was finally time to go on the 30th of July.

Tour started with a walk around the factory in the professional guidance by Genelec’s marketing people Terho and Erkki. We had a quick look of the testing and production processes as well as component manufacturing and shipping areas. Quite impressive what kind of routines these devices have to go through before even reaching the production line. Just about everything is made under the same roof right there in Iisalmi, from R&D to component manufacturing and to the actual production and assembly. Some parts of the factory were unfortunately off limits for visitors and we’ve just have to wait what the future shows from Genelec.

After seeing “how it’s made” I got a presentation of the generic design principles behind Genelec products and how the product development works. Overwhelmed by the amount of data the Genelec physicist and engineers are working with we continued our tour and headed back to production facilities for another look.

Before I even realized, I was seated to a chair facing an open frame of an 8020 and tons of parts that would probably go in it. Terho thought it was time for me to get my hands dirty and I should get some firsthand knowledge of what goes on here at Genelec. With the help and patience of a certain Genelec professional, the assembly started to make some sense (fingers crossed). Hands shaking - I tried to get a grip of the situation; thinking what would be happening If I screwed this one up. Many assembly stations later we reached the final testing. Strange to say but after a little tuning, my monitor passed the merciless tests with flying colors. When I say MY monitor, I do mean my monitor! After I got the 8020 packed, Terho informed me that this one would be mine to keep! Perfect, how great is this?! Perhaps they didn’t want to take any chances concerning my assembly skills by sending it to the world. :shock:

Thrilled from the fact that I just got my first Genelec, we headed up to the auditorium to actually hear what Genelec has to offer. This was really the room to be in! You can really hear that this room was built for this purpose. I had seen some pictures of Fox studios with Genelec monitor setup and they had the same going here as well. In this matter bigger is better! No wait, actually all ten different pairs sounded just perfect. After a while I started thinking that this could turn in to one expensive trip - after this, every speaker I have at home will sound rubbish and I’ll start collecting more and more Genelec of my own and then I’ll have to move to a bigger apartment and... Huh, a great experience.

I could have stayed there for the rest of the weekend but my visit started to near its end. We went back to the lobby which is surrounded by “couple” of trophies they have won over the years. Trip concluded to a Genelec gift pack including all the essential Genelec clothing accessories. :)

Thanks to all the wonderful people at Genelec for an excellent day, hope to check in again someday!

Petri Rantonen

Ps. Due to some technical difficulties (me), there are no pictures in this post. Pictures can be found at the community Facebook page.