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7050A - 7050B

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7050A - 7050B

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I own two 8030A monitors and plan to buy a subwoofer.

Now i have the chance to get a used 7050A or i would go for a new 7050B. What is the difference between those two, besides one being meant for stereo and the other for surround use with smaller speakers?
The Data sheets say, that the 7050A just comes down to 38 HZ whereas the 7050B reaches 25 - but is this really the case? Since both are exactly the same size and have 8" speakers...

Thank you in advance
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Re: 7050A - 7050B

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The 7050B is an upgraded and better version of the older 7050A.

Main differences:
- 25 Hz vs. 38 Hz extension
- Different woofer (although same size)
- 5.1 channel input and output vs. 2 channel input

The 7050A can be used only with 1029A, 2029A, 2029B and 8020A speakers.

I would strongly recommend buying a new 7050B with the 8030A speakers.