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8020 + 7050b setup options

sean65, modified 11 Years ago.

8020 + 7050b setup options

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Hi There,

I've just ordered the 7050b Sub to connect to my 8020b's. I thought I understood the setup based on the Genelec setup guide however when buying the extra cables the sales assistant suggested a setup that's caused me some confusion.

He explained that I only need two extra XLR cables as I would connect from the audio interface, left and right, into the sub inputs and then the sub output's,left and right, into the 8020's.

My interface does have an LFE out but I was told not to use it because the sub will do a better job of the crossover.

Is this correct? I'd imagine for optimum result that I should just follow the Genelec recommendations.

Please advise.

Many thanks

ilkka-rissanen, modified 11 Years ago.

Re: 8020 + 7050b setup options

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Hi Sean,

The sales assistant is correct, you will need two extra XLR cables to route the main left and right signals through the subwoofer. However, if you are playing a source material having an LFE channel, you should also connect an XLR cable from the source's subwoofer out to the LFE input of the subwoofer. In that case you should also enable the subwofoer in the source device's settings. Both left and right main channels/speakers should be configured as large.

Also remember to enable the DIP switch #2 on the 8020Bs (whether there's LFE or not).