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hum on left channel / monitor

hawk, modified 13 Years ago.

hum on left channel / monitor

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 3/20/10 Recent Posts
Hi ,

I have a verry strange prob ...

My genelec 8030 A active monitors are connected to the xlr-balanced output of my motu 828MKIII.

Everything worked fine for months , but since last week there is a terrible hum on the left 8030.
The hum is there even with volume of motu turned down completely , and only on the left channel.
When i turn volume on the 8030 down , ther is no hum , but no sound also :-)

i did the following :

- Disconnected everything , only mains connected ----> no hum
- Connected my iphone output to left 8030 ---> no hum
- Connected the humming 8030 to another balanced source (fireface 800 rme) ---> here is the hum again
- Changed left and right channel ,and now the other 8030 has the hum , but much quieter

- went to my neighbour to connect fireface800 with humming genelec ----> Still got hum (thought of ground loop) Everything is allways connected to same powersource.

So really what do i have to conclude now ?

8030 broken ??? but also my other 8030 hums (but much quieter) when connected to left channel
moto broken , but also the fireface then (because on both i get hum)

Another thing is , when i connect my level pilot from tc electronics the hum becomes even worse's much louder then also with volume turned down completely

if anyone could help with advice , please do , i'm really confused and fed up with connecting , disconnecting , and the humming keeps me from working


ilkka-rissanen, modified 13 Years ago.

Re: hum on left channel / monitor

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

Sounds like a very tricky problem. I guess this is a given, but have you tried with different/new XLR cables?