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Is attenuation done in digital domain?

dumbo, modified 12 Years ago.

Is attenuation done in digital domain?

Padawan Posts: 78 Join Date: 12/20/09 Recent Posts
Is volume control of 8240 accomplished in the digital domain?
tesla, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: Is attenuation done in digital domain?

Youngling Posts: 16 Join Date: 11/18/09 Recent Posts
yes, attenuation is preformed in the digital domain. As a fellow 82 series user i was very concerned about this when i first got my speakers however, i have never experienced any signal degradation at low volumes. the volume control algorithm that is used is very good and although you are technically using less bits at a low volume the stereo image and "shape" of the signal remains constant at all volumes.

hope this helps
christophe-anet, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: Is attenuation done in digital domain?

Jedi Knight Posts: 188 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

Thanks for your post and the follow-up thread. First, one DSP FAQ available on our Global website covers this question (listed below): ... oduct%2019

Where does the volume control happen?

Genelec DSP loudspeakers and subwoofers implement the volume control as a part of the DSP processing. The volume control decreases the values in the digital audio data just before the data is written into the DA converter to turn the digital audio signal into an analogue audio signal. Decreasing the value makes the sound level lower.

The command to set the volume to a certain level is created in the computer user interface software GLM and mediated into all loudspeakers and subwoofer using the Genelec loudspeaker control network. No audio data travels on the control network.

Then, some further comments here about the control of the volume in the digital domain.

Some DSP users are afraid of quantization (reducing the effective digital word length when the audio data is attenuated) in the process of digital volume control. The point here is very simple. The data must be linearized by adding what is called dither noise into the data before quantization. This very efficiently linearizes the digital volume control and renders performance similar to any analog fader except that the digital one remains strictly linear also at low level, and there is no error in gain unlike with analog faders.

Best regards,
dumbo, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: Is attenuation done in digital domain?

Padawan Posts: 78 Join Date: 12/20/09 Recent Posts
I was concerned about signal to noise ratio that must, by necessity decrease with decreasing volume. I guess the real question is whether this is more pernicious than if done in the analog domain (probably not).