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My Genelec technology/product wishlist for 2010+

thelion, modified 13 Years ago.

My Genelec technology/product wishlist for 2010+

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Because it was just Christmas (and Santa obviously didn't bring me what I wanted) and we all need goals and dreams for 2010+ I would like to present my very personal wishlist. And yes - it is all about Genelec.

IMHO Genelec did two great things in 2009 - introducing products based on concepts that are smart, forward thinking, meet market demands and above all - let us consumers dream "of the next best thing" in order to do our work and/or just enjoy sound. And that is what it's all about, isn't it?

- First of all the introduction of the 1038CF 3-way monitor with dual SEALED 8" woofers. Well - I am a long time 1037C user (slowly became a fanatic fan of it as well...) and I was dreaming ever since of a SEALED design with arguably better transient response. The rational behind it is - practically everybody (with an multichannel setup) is using subwoofer(s) AND crossover the main speakers. Therefor low frequency response should be handled just there - with the subwoofer. Allowing for a more efficient SEALED speaker design.

With the 1038CF you did just that - and I sincerely hope the initial market response was positive and we will be enjoying SEALED main monitor designs in the future as well - like a 1034 with dual 12" woofers and a sealed enclosure?!

- And - 2009 was the year you introduced what I personally consider the holy grail of audio - a coaxial design. And you combined it with DCW. Two of my favourite technologies merged and coming together. I am in awe about the prospects of using MDC in "something bigger" than the 8260A. Because this "little" monitor doesn't quite cut it in bigger environments - and what better reason is there to upgrade those 1034Bs and 1039As than with your coaxial designs. I truly think that MDC could be a game changer in the industry - if you can bring it to bigger/main monitors for medium sized/large rooms as well.

So - there it is - my dream for 2010+ -> a main monitor as substitute for the 1034B (I would take something in line with the 1038 as well if I must ;-) ) using your MDC technology in a sealed enclosure.