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Monitors too big for room??

mrinsatiable, modified 13 Years ago.

Monitors too big for room??

Padawan Posts: 30 Join Date: 12/9/09 Recent Posts
After speaking to many custom A/V installers and sales people I was introduced to Genelecs at the preferred loud speakers among the industry standards. But being completely new to the A/V industry *consumer*. I'm looking to select (2) monitors and a subwoofer for my current and possible future HT room.

At the moment i have space for a 14 ' x 13' room with 9 ' ceilings. *measurments are in feet*. I've narrowed down my search to either the HT208B's or the 1032A's. My questions is. I'm looking to invest in something now so that I won't need to upgrade later when i purchase a larger home. The HT208's will be plenty for what i need now but the big question is.

If i decide to get the 1032's will it be too big? Is there such thing as having too big?
rowley-birkin-qc, modified 13 Years ago.

Re: Monitors too big for room??

Youngling Posts: 4 Join Date: 4/3/09 Recent Posts
I don't think you will have any problems with the 1032A's. The size difference to the HT208's is not that big and unless your listening distance is less than 1 m (3') both models will work just fine. Due to its bigger DCW, the 1032 will have slightly better directivity characteristics in a bigger room. Also its higher SPL capability will serve you well then, for the time being it will just be a comfortable reserve of power with no ill effects.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 13 Years ago.

Re: Monitors too big for room??

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

If i decide to get the 1032's will it be too big? Is there such thing as having too big?


There is definitely such thing as too big, but the limit is somewhere much larger than 1032A for a room such as yours. Please see for recommended listening distances and room volumes for each speaker and subwoofer. So for example your room's total volume is around 50 cubic meters. So when looking at the guide, even our smallest model could barely work there, but of course that doesn't mean that one can't install a larger speaker system. Also for HT the requirements are much higher than for typical studio. For a room sized like yours, even a 1037C or 1038B would work if setup properly. Usually the most problematic issue is the low to mid frequencies which must be tamed preferably with both acoustic treatment and room eq controls (DIP-switches on the back of our speakers).