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High-quality Audio for Homes at Madrid FinDesign

christophe-anet, modified 13 Years ago.

High-quality Audio for Homes at Madrid FinDesign

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Genelec will take part in Helsinki Madrid FinDesign, the main exhibition of the Finnish Design Month event to be organised in Madrid. The exhibition will open on 4 November 2009 at the Matadero Madrid contemporary art centre and run until 10 January 2010. At the exhibition, Genelec will be showcasing a series of active loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The latest product to come out of the ten-year collaboration between loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec and designer Harri Koskinen is small but feisty. The technology and design behind the active two-way loudspeaker Genelec 6010A and the active subwoofer Genelec 5040A have been refined over a long time. Suitable for a variety of uses at home, the sound reproduction quality of these loudspeakers is first-class – designed for professional use. The minimalist but exceptional speaker design is suited to many interior environments.

Genelec 6010A - active two-way loudspeaker

The versatile and compact two-way loudspeaker 6010A is specifically designed for everyday home use and for connection to a computer, workstation, small home theatre or directly to an MP3 player. Measuring only 19 cm high, the small, beautifully curving loudspeaker produces a bigger sound than its size suggests. The sound pressure of a speaker pair is more than sufficient for a medium-size 15-20 sq m living room or work space.

The 6010A active loudspeaker is interior design-friendly due to its shape, size and color range. It is available in three colors: white, silver-grey and black. The loudspeaker is made of die-cast aluminum. A custom option is also available with hand-polished aluminum finish.

The curving design of the 6010A loudspeaker has a technological justification, too: the soft shapes of the enclosure reduce edge diffraction and sound colouration, which further improves the sound quality. The technology of the loudspeaker guarantees professional-level sound quality you can enjoy at home. As with the other active loudspeakers, the speaker elements and auxiliary electronics have been designed from the start to work together seamlessly. This is a bonus that cannot be achieved in the design of traditional passive speakers.

Genelec 5040A - active subwoofer

The Genelec 5040A is a compact active subwoofer, or a bass loudspeaker, launched in 2008 and designed to support up to five 6010A loudspeakers. The round shape of the loudspeaker’s enclosure merges acoustic functionality with a restrained, elegant look that is suited to a variety of interior environments. The loudspeaker is delivered with a handy remote control, shaped like a miniature subwoofer that can be used to control the volume of the entire speaker system. The 5040A broadens the Genelec product selection as its smallest bass loudspeaker.
The subwoofer augments the main speakers’ sound reproduction at the bass frequencies that are outside the capacity of the small 6010A loudspeaker. The 5040A produces the required additional amplification for lower frequencies when listening to music or enjoying a film in a home theatre.

The actual speaker element and its controls are concealed underneath on the base, allowing a minimalist design. The speaker enclosure uses a revolutionary new manufacturing methods and materials: deep-drawn steel and die-cast aluminum. The subwoofer is also available in a white, silver-grey or black finish.

The 5040A can be easily connected to many sound sources, such as a computer sound card, an MP3 player or the pre-amplifier of a home theatre.

In 2009, the 5040A bass loudspeaker won the Fennia Prize Grand Prix award in the Fennia Prize – Good Design Grows Global competition organised by Design Forum Finland and Fennia. The jury praised the loudspeaker for its innovative design, attention to detail, exceptional use of material and manufacturing methods as well as its adaptability for a variety of spaces. The aim of the biennial competition is to highlight well-designed products and services and encourage companies to use design comprehensively and innovatively in R&D, manufacturing and corporate communications.

Added value of design

The added value of high-quality design has boosted Genelec's success in the 2000s. The collaboration between Harri Koskinen and Genelec crystallizes the significance of design in product quality, corporate image and opportunities in new markets. The collaboration dates back to the year 2000, when the floor-standing 6040A active loudspeaker designed by Koskinen was launched at the Miyake Design Studio Gallery in Tokyo.

The closer collaboration between the designer and manufacturer began at a time when Genelec was about to broaden its product selection from professional use to home use. As a global company, it was able to take into account the significance of design in product planning and requested input from Koskinen, by this time an internationally renowned designer, for their R&D.

The carefully deliberated round design of the 6000 series managed to further improve the technical and sound-reproducing characteristics of the top-quality loudspeaker. The 8000 series, designed subsequently, became the highest-quality loudspeaker series on the market in just two years. Koskinen has also partially contributed to the success of the active subwoofers of Genelec’s 7000 series.

In October 2009, Genelec’s 6010A two-way loudspeaker and 5040 active subwoofer won the TEC Award 2009 in New York for considerable technical achievements in the area of professional sound reproduction equipment. The 5040A subwoofer also won the Fennia Prize Grand Prix design award in 2009.

Harri Koskinen

Harri Koskinen (born 1970) is one of the most famous contemporary Finnish designers. The internationally renowned Koskinen is a many-sided designer: in addition to loudspeakers, he has designed furniture, kitchenware, light fittings and glass products, both as unique pieces and for series production. Launched in spring 2009, Koskinen’s own furniture collection Harri Koskinen Works will also be presented at the Helsinki Madrid FinDesign exhibition.

The 39-year old designer has won many design awards and commendations, such as the Young Designer of the Year in 2000, Compasso d’Oro in 2005 and Pro Finlandia in 2007. At the beginning of November, Koskinen will be awarded the world’s largest design prize, the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize in Gothenburg.

Helsinki Madrid FinDesign exhibition
4 November 2009 – 10 January 2010
Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid, Paseo de la Chopera 14, 28045 Madrid
Tuesday - Friday 16-22, Saturday - Sunday (and holidays) 11-22, closed on Mondays