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My 6010a Experience

warpdrive, modified 6 Years ago.

My 6010a Experience

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 10/24/09 Recent Posts
Hi all

I picked up a pair of 6010a speakers last week and I thought I would share some thoughts.

I bought these because I wanted something small I could use with my laptop and something tough that I could transport with me. The 6010a fit the bill perfectly...aluminum, with driver grills. I had been using some cheapo M-Audio because they were small, but wanted to improve on them.

The build quality is excellent on these things, basically like a larger 8xxx series, but zapped with the shrink-o-ray gun.

I would be using these at home pair with a Velodyne sub. I spent about 30 minutes finding the proper crossover and placement, and was able to get the crossover pretty smooth and response down from 150 down 35Hz +/- 3dB relative to 1000Hz without any external EQ applied. I did end up using the desktop compensation, and the -2dB bass tilt to get the sound smoother in the 120Hz area.

My initial assessment of the sound. Pretty decent overall. My biggest complaint with the sound is perhaps the mids are a slight colored, a tad bit harsher to my ears. Sometimes it sounds very good but sometimes there is a bit more grainy. Treble is extremely clear and really lets me hear the full resolution of the highs, but the test mix I did seems to make the result mix sound a bit dull. I'm just using them on a desktop, which is why I chose these because of the integral pod stand. I think if these speakers had a 1-2dB treble trim, the resulting mix would sound a bit more natural for my setup. As these are very tiny speakers, I certainly noticed that if I crank them up, distortion does start to affect the sound a bit coming from the drivers, but they play plenty loud for me. Overall, these are good sounding products, they have a sweet clear sound, and is good for just multimedia use, but overall a relatively neutral product. Bass drops off quickly below 80Hz both smoothly rolls off which made it easy for my to get a good blend with my sub

I must say I'm not sure I am going to keep them for several reasons:

- I'm not sure I would want to use them for my mixes. I am second guessing myself right now. It is taking me longer to compensate for their character.
- My Emu sound card seems to cause the speakers to click whenever a new sound starts and stops. Perhaps there's a DC offset which the speaker is picking up? Never had this problem before with other speakers using the same unbal output, but it's certainly annoying when I'm just using the speakers as a computer speaker
- One of the speakers has a slight 2mm dent in the tweeter. Given that the speaker is well protected by a fine grill, it couldn't have happened after it was assembled. Kind of disappointing that this slipped through quality control even though I couldn't notice any audible consequences