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Building a subwoofer decoupling platform

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Building a subwoofer decoupling platform

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This month I have had the exterme good fortune of adding a 7050B subwoofer to my project studio by winning the Genelec video contest. There were a lot of great entries in the contest, and a lot of interesting ideas that were realized by the other contestants. Win or lose, the fact that we all exercised our creative juices is really positive thing.

I'm curious if anyone out there has built a decoupling platform for a subwoofer for acoustic isolation. I've taken a look at a few that are available commercially (the Auralex Gramma and the Primacoustic RX9), and I'm underwhelmed. Neither of them are the ideal size for the 7050B, and it seems like I could save a decent amount of money if I just buy some stuff from the hardware store and build one myself.

I live in a very small apartment with my girlfriend, and every inch of space is accounted for. The subwoofer lives under my desk, but so do my legs, so I need to build a platfrom that fits the 7050B perfectly. The sides of my desk are also shelves, so I'm thinking I may need to put a slick layer of fabric on the bottom of the platform so I can easily slide the sub a few inches to gain access to my shelves.

If anyone out there has built something like this, can you share your experiences?


P.S. I had always wanted a Genelec sub but never commited to the idea of buying one because of the cost. Now that I've used one for a few days, I have to say that it really does seem like it's well worth the money. Most material has a rounder, more defined and present sound. I've been going through sample libraries that I've heard a million times and hearing all kinds of low frequency stuff that I didn't know existed. Most importantly, I've listened to my own mixes are heard some nasty stuff in the low end that I would have fixed if I had been able to hear it.