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Genelec 6010 with non-genelec subwoofer?

overhere, modified 14 Years ago.

Genelec 6010 with non-genelec subwoofer?

Padawan Posts: 60 Join Date: 9/7/09 Recent Posts
Hello everyone!

I finally found my way to these forums to ask you a couple of questions. I'm about to get myself a pair of the 6010 as laptop speakers and due to the limited space on my desk I had to go for the smallest and hopefully best active monitors, therefor I chose the 6010. Now to my main concern, as I am sort of a bassfreak I doubt the 5040 subwoofer will make me satisfied so, I know I can use other active subwoofers but what should I keep in mind when choosing another subwoofer, in order to get the best possible sound and balance? I am not too familiar with neither speakers or subwoofers, which is why I am asking.

I have been looking around some local stores here and had the chance to listen to both XTZ 99 W10.16. I must say I was quiet impressed with the sound and quality and most of all the low pricetag. But would this fit well with the 6010's?

I almost forgot, is it possible to connect the 6010 to the subwoofer and from the subwoofer to my laptops 3,5mm stereo jack? If so, what kind of in/outputs does the subwoofer need?
ilkka-rissanen, modified 14 Years ago.

Re: Genelec 6010 with non-genelec subwoofer?

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

Naturally you can use also another brand subwoofer with Genelec speakers, but should you choose to do so, you should be prepared that the end results may be grossly inferior to the system with a suitable Genelec subwoofer. This is because, as usual, the devil is in the details, meaning in the very important frequency response and phase response matching between the speakers and the subwoofer, which in the end dictate how well the subwoofer will be integrated to the speakers i.e. how coherent the system sounds.

When you buy a Genelec subwoofer, you know that the electrical matching between the speakers and the subwoofer has been taken care of by the Genelec engineers (read: me and my colleagues :geek: ), which results in better sound quality and less hassle to you.

So if you think that you would like to emphasize the low end a bit and therefore feel that the 5040A subwoofer might not be up to the task, you should take a look at our larger subwoofer model instead. In this case I would recommend the 5050A subwoofer ( which would be a perfect match to your 6010A speakers (apart from the sensitivity difference, but that can be adjusted via the gain setting). It has a 3-channel bass management and RCA input/output connectors so you don't need to hassle with RCA-XLR adapters when making connections. You just connect a 3.5mm jack -> 2xRCA cable (supplied with the 6010A's) to subwoofer's inputs, and from there continue with regular RCA -> RCA cables (also supplied with 6010A's) to the speakers. Adjust the subwoofer level to your taste and you're set!
overhere, modified 14 Years ago.

Re: Genelec 6010 with non-genelec subwoofer?

Padawan Posts: 60 Join Date: 9/7/09 Recent Posts
Thanks for the information. After a visit at my local store I had a chance to listen to both the 6010 and the 5040 sub, it just sounded so well balanced and that little sub filled a room, four times larger than mine with lots of beautiful bass. I might just get that one later on.