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Commercial Installations as sound reinforcement?

peter-maccoleman, modified 12 Years ago.

Commercial Installations as sound reinforcement?

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Has anyone done any installs using Genelec Speakers in commercial environments? I know a lot of facilities use BOSE and have even seen some JBL installs. But I haven't seen anything that is geared towards a larger 20-30,000 square foot installs.
christophe-anet, modified 12 Years ago.

Re: Commercial Installations as sound reinforcement?

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Thanks for your post and question. Genelec has its roots deep in professional audio, starting with active monitoring products late 70’s. In the history there have also been many sound systems designed for theaters, auditoriums and cultural venues. These systems were designed and manufactured by Genelec in the 80’s and 90’s.

Large sound reinforcement products are no longer part of Genelec portfolio but many more recent examples exist where Genelec 8000 Series products and large 3-way models have been used in commercial fixed installations. These applications include auditoriums with 50-200 seats, hotels, board rooms and public buildings, mainly in central Europe and Scandinavia.

Some case studies can be found on various magazines. One nice example is this Hotel in UK, presented by InAvate magazine: ... leID=22412

Genelec continues developing new solutions for professional audio applications, so stay tuned, read our forum and our websites for any new updates.

Markus Kahelin
Installation Product Specialist