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Advice on Monitor Cables and Length

benjaminanon, modified 13 Years ago.

Advice on Monitor Cables and Length

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 8/4/09 Recent Posts

I just purchased a pair of 8030A monitors and was wondering if someone would recommend a brand of cable (e.g. Monster Cable/Mogami Gold) that will allow me to achieve the best sound quality. Also, does the length of the cable affect the sound quality (i.e. shorter cable equals better sound quality)?


jonathan-s, modified 13 Years ago.

Re: Advice on Monitor Cables and Length

Youngling Posts: 22 Join Date: 5/2/09 Recent Posts
I use audioquest king cobra and i'm very happy with them

My first impression was that i could play at louder levels without my head hurting compared to ordinary cables. As soon as i switched back to the normal cables i had to lower the volume - not that it was a lot louder than with the better cables - it was just more messy and resonated (or how one would explain it)

I don't know though what the guys at genelec think about this, maybe the cables i chose somehow manipulates the response in a bad way (a response would be nice), but i'm happy that i can play loudly without my ears hurting :D
hidden-driveways, modified 13 Years ago.

Re: Advice on Monitor Cables and Length

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 5/20/09 Recent Posts
As far as cable length goes, the basic rule of thumb is to not exceed 25 feet in length. I find that 10 foot cables are usually a good length to get for near-field monitors.

Now, depending what source you're plugging into the 8030A, if it's an option - you should get balanced cables. If you're working with a Digital Audio Workstation and using an audio interface, chances are that your interface has balanced TRS outputs. For this situation, the ideal cable would be a 1/4" TRS to male XLR. You may be well aware of this already. Just throwing it out there...

As far as what brand to get, of the two you mentioned I would personally choose Mogami. Someday I'd like to get some 10 foot 1/4" TRS to male XLR Mogami cables for my Genelecs. Right now I'm using a good-quality budget brand called Comprehensive, and they're working out well. On my endless list of future gear to buy for the home studio, the Mogami cables are pretty low on the list, but, they are indeed on the list. :)