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Genelec 1031A's Tweeter Stop Working!!

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Genelec 1031A's Tweeter Stop Working!!

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Hi Everyone,
This evening, during a normal listening of a song, the tweeter of one of my Genelec 1031A stop working and there is no way to turn back after a few minutes with the power turned off.

I bought this used monitors 4 mounth ago, and now I have a problem yet, but I really don't know what's the origin of it.

Can anyone help me understand what's happens? Anyone have an idea about the problem occurred?

Thanks a lot
Davide Doretto
ArtiSound Studio
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Re: Genelec 1031A's Tweeter Stop Working!!

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Thanks for your post and question. In general, service issues should be directly addressed to the distributor/service centre of your country for fast and efficient handling of servicing.

There are a number of possibilities for a tweeter to go wrong, and it is quite impossible to provide any diagnostic without measuring and checking the unit thoroughly. Calibrated replacement drivers are still available from us, so I suggest that you contact our Italian distributor and their service center for further assistance. ... rea=Europe

Best regards,