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Consumer Theater Speakers Vs. Professional Studio Monitors

jlp1021, modified 14 Years ago.

Consumer Theater Speakers Vs. Professional Studio Monitors

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/29/09 Recent Posts
I am building a small home theater in my basement 20 feet x 14.5 feet x 7.5 feet (there is a partition or back wall with a curtain so the actual volume of the room is around 2,700 cu. ft.). I will have the Denon AVP-a1hdci processor and PS3 along with simply a 60" Kuro Pro 141-FD Elite Plasma display.

I am having a difficult time selecting speakers. The retailer I am using is suggesting a 7.1 system with (7) HT206's and (1) HTS4B subwoofer.

Having a musical background (film composer) who has done a lot of critical listening, I'm considering getting (5) Genelec studio 8050A's instead which have a broader frequency response (down to 38hz) and 8 inch bass driver... it might be a better bang for the buck.

Which are a better choice for this application? There will probably be seating for 6 people, but the front center seat will have a listening distance of 9.75 feet to the front and rear speakers (if I install 7 speakers), and only 6.5 feet from the side surrounds.

I'm trying to achieve a balanced and impressive theatrical experience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
dupe, modified 14 Years ago.

Re: Consumer Theater Speakers Vs. Professional Studio Monitors

Youngling Posts: 14 Join Date: 5/8/09 Recent Posts
It difficult looking at someone else’s design as we don't know all the room details, your requirements and the proposed layout, but to answer your question:

The 206s are a great speaker and I have done a few cinemas the size of yours with 3 across the front (I have some at home too). The low frequency cut-off of cinema speakers does not matter too much as the processor will direct everything below 80Hz to the sub, its easier to deal with one low frequency source than 8 from a room acoustics point-of-view!

One idea one be to upgrade the front 3 to 208s, these would match the sub better and maybe do AIW25 around the rears?