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Picking ref speaker for sub phase calibration in AutoCal

baguette, modified 14 Years ago.

Picking ref speaker for sub phase calibration in AutoCal

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 6/24/09 Recent Posts

When calibrating the phase for the 7260 sub in a 2.1 setup, which speaker is the better pick for reference - the one nearer the sub or the one further away?

Or does it matter at all?

In my case the 7260 sub is situated in a corner, approx 50 cm behind the left 8240 speaker and facing the same way as the left 8240.

After having used the left side 8240 as the output for the phase correction process, I now hear the bass frequency range output by the sub as being slightly to the left in the stereo image. Is this the expected result and "as is" or would I get a more balanced result if I recalibrated using the R speaker as the test signal output source and phase reference?

I have a very close nearfield setup with only approximately 1m distance btw the L and R speakers as well as from the speakers to my main listening position.

I am using single-point calibration.

I have severe physical limitations on where I can place the sub, so I am hoping that AutoCal + your advice can save me in this regard?

Or am I simply just worrying too much? ;)

Best Regards,

ilkka-rissanen, modified 14 Years ago.

Re: Picking ref speaker for sub phase calibration in AutoCal

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

As you have probably noticed from the GLM system manual, we don't give any recommendations on the preferred speaker because it depends greatly on the situation (placement, acoustics etc.). The best and easiest way is to measure both (or more) situations and store them into separate setup files. That way one can easily switch between setup files and listen if there's clearly a better option. If you can't hear any difference, then it doesn't make any difference which speaker you use.

If you are experiencing locatable bass frequencies/subwoofer, which is quite normal for a setup you are using (near field with a sub on one side), you should try lowering the crossover frequency from the standard 85 Hz (settings go down to 50 Hz). That way the speakers will produce more of the bass frequencies and the subwoofer should be less locatable.

If you want to "dig deeper", you could look at at the AutoCal results (Interactive Response Editor) for each speaker and subwoofer, and determine the best possible crossover frequency based on their frequency responses. For example if the speakers have a bad dip at 60 Hz but the subwoofer is flat, the crossover should be set higher than 60 Hz. I can also look at your results if you just e-mail me the setup files (*.glm setup file and the whole *_Autocal setup folder).

Please let us know your findings!

Best regards,