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1024b - 1024c differences modifications ??

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1024b - 1024c differences modifications ??

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I have a pair of 1024c like this: The amplification has the sign of a type of being a 1024b at the back and there's a strange "C" sticker glued to the sloggan of the Genelec 1024b's "B" to cover it. It looks factory made because it's made of the same material and with the same font-type as the original sloggan were made of. What kind is my Genelec then? :|

Other questions: What are the original brand and type loudspeakers for my monitorboxes? The bass is RCF, the middle has no signs at all, the highs are Sonus-Faber... Thank you very much for every posts!
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Re: 1024b - 1024c differences modifications ??

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The main difference between 1024B and C is in the midrange driver. The 1024B has a 80 mm soft dome, while 1024C has a 5" cone driver made by Genelec. This driver was developed in 1988 for the flagship 1035A and it is used in all models from 1037B up. It is a high sensitivity, very low distortion unit capable of very high spl. The tweeter was D28 made by Dynaudio. Amplifier mechanical chassis is the same and also circuit topology between "B" and "C" is similar, but crossover filter is naturally different due to different driver. Amplifier power of "C" is slightly higher as well.

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