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Genelec Servicing UK

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Genelec Servicing UK

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Hi there.

My beloved 1029a + 1091a setup has taken a bit of a set back. One of the 1029a's has started to rattle when bass frequencies below 100hz are played through it. The other speaker does not encounter this problem so I know it is nothing to do with the mix. I tried everything else, swapping audio and power cables, panning left to right etc.

I can stop most of the rattling by applying pressure against the metal gauze on the outside so this sounds like it is something that could be fixed quickly. The speakers are getting on a bit as they are coming up for their 7th birthday but they have been looked after extremely well.

Can anyone advise of a quick fix that I could perform or point me in the direction of trusted company that could help. I am based in UK, Kent however London is very close.

Many thanks

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Re: Genelec Servicing UK

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Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your message. As mentioned in our Forum header, service questions should be sent directly to our distributor's service centers for fast and efficient handling.

Please consult the following link for the contact details of our distribution and service centers network:

Best regards,