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Is it possible to mix active G2 speakers with passive ones?

benz, modified 5 Years ago.

Is it possible to mix active G2 speakers with passive ones?

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 10/6/17 Recent Posts

Hello all,

I'm planning on updating my ancient, nearly 20 year old (!), Yamaha RX-V595 home theater amplifier. Otherwise it's working perfectly, but no support for modern digital audio formats in movies, only the basic Dolby Digital/AC3 (no DTS even). At the same time I would like to update at the very least the front speakers and possibly center/subwoofer as well, a 5.1 setup. Currently running 5 passive speakers (all JPW, don't remember the models, main speakers are a bit bigger) and active subwoofer.

If I were to use G2's as the main speakers, is there any way to mix them with passive speakers or is the plan doomed from the beginning? If my new amplifier has line level outputs for main speakers and standard high level for passive speakers, would the volume control work at all in sync for all or depends on the amplifier? I did some Googling and noticed that at least on some older Genelec models you could connect them to high level speaker outputs as well, but naturally needed some conversion electronics in between. If mixing the active/passive speakers, would it be more reasonable to use the high level outputs for all speakers, so the volume control would be in sync with all of them? Sound qualitywise, would this give some big problems?

I would probably also upgrade the subwoofer to a F One. Mostly the setup would be used for music, but also for movies. A small living room space, about 3,5 x 3,5 m size. Couch and TV on opposite sides.

Thanks in advance for all the replies and suggestions.

ilkka-rissanen, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Is it possible to mix active G2 speakers with passive ones?

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts


If your HT amplifier has pre amplifier outputs for main channels, it is much better to use those to connect active loudspeakers than using speaker/high level outputs with attenuators. Pre amp outputs wil be adjusted according to volume setting so volume setting between all channels wil be in sync. Of course you need to adjust channel levels during calibration. Sound quality/tone will probably be different between Genelec and passive speakers so I would recommend having Genelec as left, right and center for good match. Surround speakers are not that critical so having slightly different sound quality there could be tolerated. 

If you are planning to have G Two as main speakers and use your setup for movies, I would advice getting the F Two subwoofer. F One is best suited for G One speakers so it would be too small (output wise) for your needs. 

benz, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Is it possible to mix active G2 speakers with passive ones?

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 10/6/17 Recent Posts

After some thought and after a seeing a good deal at, I decided to go with a new pre-amp + Genelecs setup. I now have G Twos as main left, right and center, G Ones as surround and F Two sub. Whole setup not yet installed, but the main speakers and sub is working very nicely.

Some technical questions. Just want to be sure my Genelecs will have a long lifetime :)

1. The pre-amp always starts with -50dB volume setting. I would prefer to use the F two's remote for volume control, but this means always having to manually set the pre-amp to 0dB first to get decent sound levels. I may get this to work more automatically with some IR remote tricks, but it's still open. However, the F two luckily remembers the volume setting before power off. So I'm using the pre-amp's remote as volume control at the moment, but this also means F two is at max volume all the time. Is there any problem regarding this? Should the volume be lowered when powering off or something similar to ensure all electronics will live a happy long life?

2. I'm also planning and already testing using an automatic power strip. It has one master plug and rest are slaves. F Two is connected as the master and rest come on when F two is powered up. Is there any problem for G Ones/Twos that the power is simply cut from them, even during active use? I may also change another device as the master device, this would also cut power from the F Two, any issues with this?


benz, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Is it possible to mix active G2 speakers with passive ones?

Youngling Posts: 3 Join Date: 10/6/17 Recent Posts
...and one more thing: on which frequency does the F2 remote controller operate? Does it happen to be 315 or 433 MHz? Planning on getting a universal remote operated via Wifi and it supports RF remotes on those frequencies (and also IR remotes).