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Monitor selection for Room Size

jeffmsmith11, modified 5 Years ago.

Monitor selection for Room Size

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 12/23/17 Recent Posts
I'm currently in the process of designing a new construction combination live and control room.  Size will be 23 ft x 17 ft with 10 ft ceilings.  Room volume is 3910 cubic feet.  Room will have lots of diffusion with OC 703 on the ceiling, behing the monitors, at first reflection points on side walls, and spaced elsewhere to get the RT around .3-.35 seconds.  I plan on using tuned bass traps in the 4 corners based on measured trouble frequencies. I will be mixing mostly pop/rock....So for my question...I really have liked what I've seen and read about the 8050s.  They also seem to be at a good price point for me.  The recommended listening distance of 5 ft should work well in my design.  They only thing that doesn't fit is the recommended room volume for the 8050s at less than 3400 cubic feet.  The speakers that would seem to be big enough for that space would be 1032s or 8260s, both are more than I can spend.  I also don't plan on using a sub as the LF of the 8050 should be good enough.  What would be the downside in having 8050s in room slightly over the recommended volume?  i.e. Would I loose anything in sound quality from the 8050s in a room too big as opposed to the sound quality you would get in a more appropriately sized smaller room? Thanks in advance for the help!
jappi, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Monitor selection for Room Size

Padawan Posts: 36 Join Date: 7/28/16 Recent Posts

If listening distance is only 5 ft I don't see any problems with 8050B in any room. But also consider newer 8350A with a bit more powerful amps and glm system. It's worth some extra bucks.