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Connecting 8330A with S/PDIF from Steinberg UR28M

voyagr, modified 4 Years ago.

Connecting 8330A with S/PDIF from Steinberg UR28M

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 4/6/18 Recent Posts

Hello everyone!

I am not sure if this is the right category to ask such a question, but I hope for your understanding.

Before getting into it, I would like to mention that my knowledge in music production is quite limited to music production itself.

In the other word, I don't have much of engineering knowledge of it. YES I'm a noob cheeky


I just bought a pair of new Genelec 8330A's with the GLM 2.0 User kit, and am kinda stuck with some struggles with cabling and connection.

My audio interface is UR28M from Steinberg, and I've been using it for over 5 years and never had a problem. (and ofc I absolutely love it!).

Just because I've only been using it with the analog connection, I never knew that it had a digital I/O (S/PDIF), and I just found it out as I was looking into using my new Genelec 8330A with the Digital I/O.


The Digital I/O of Genelec 8330A seems to only support the AES/EBU connection, which I suppose doesn't work with the S/PDIF of my Steinberg UR28M, and I found out there is a converter that converts AES/EBU to S/PDIF without any loss of audio quailty as I was scrapping through the internet. I just want to confirm if that is actually it, as well as what kind of converter that I can expect to look up simply because I don't have any knowledge about it.


btw, is it normal to have hissing noises (white/pink noise) when connected to analog on the 8330A?


manutal, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Connecting 8330A with S/PDIF from Steinberg UR28M

Jedi Knight Posts: 180 Join Date: 4/25/14 Recent Posts

Yes, there are different AES/EBU to S/PDIF converters to be found. I bet they work just fine.

The hissing or the small white noice can be heared up to 1m from the speakers(depending on model, hearing & other back noices), nothing to worry about, its the same with the digital domain, doesnt chop though like the analog hissing does at times when getting some outer signal disturbanses.

mana, modified 4 Years ago.

RE: Connecting 8330A with S/PDIF from Steinberg UR28M

Youngling Posts: 6 Join Date: 5/3/09 Recent Posts

Should work but it seems in a pass through mode of sorts >

I run my 8330As digital via a Focusrite LS56, the only thing that I needed (in addition to proper cabling) was an impedance transformer to get it up to spec (from 75 Ω -> 110 Ω) and to allow for longer cable runs etc.

I use this one >

You also need a short coaxial cable to connect that transformer to the interface.

Anyhoo... really happy with the results I am getting from my 8330A via digital.