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Problems with power cycling 9301A

gurux, modified 5 Years ago.

Problems with power cycling 9301A

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Hi there

I have a 5.1 HT with two 8341 for L/R and three 8331 for C, LS and RS and a 7350A sub.


Until recently I used balanced analogic inputs for multichannel, connecting the spekers to my pre /pro (a NAD M17). But a few weeks ago I heard about an Oppo mod card outputting AES/EBU multichannel. I purchased and installed the card and it works great with my speakers.


I then added a 9301A for better bass management. And this is where the problem started.


When first plugged to the mains, 9301A lights up. It is recognised instantly and works as intended. If however I use SAM on my MAC to control the system (and I do because I have two setups, one for stereo and one for home theatre and I am not aware of any other way of switching profiles) there is a problem.  After finishing using the system for the day if, instead of ISS, I use SAM's Power Manager to Send Shut Down All, when I restart the system with Send Wake Up All 9301A doesn't power on.


Instead 9301A is grayed out in the SAM interface and if I click on it it shows as offline. The front power button on the unit has no effect. The only way to get it back online is to pull the power plug and then push it back on. Meaning unless I use ISS and put up with the blinking lights I have to plug and unplug the mains power for 9301A every time I power on the system which is incredibly frustrating.   


I know this has been discussed before but I have to join the choir. You are making great hardware, the speakers sound great, the DAC's are good, SAM is a very decent calibration solution (when it works) but a home user also values convenience. I can't integrate your setup in my system with a universal remote control. I can't control the volume with anything other than your black knob. I can't switch profiles / inputs unless I get in front of the computer. If my computer goes to sleep I can no longer use the volume knob. And now this pain in the bum with 9301A. 


Is there no way you can release an updated SAM controller for the home user that plays well with something like Logitech Harmony and can work independently from a computer to control volume, power cycle the system, switch profiles? I invested over 10K on this system and, sound-wise, I have no regrets. However in terms of usability and functionality even a Sonos for the 10th of the price beats it and it beats it badly! 


I know I am not your target user so I anticipate the answer to the above but, at least, I wonder if you could update the firmware on 9301A to enable power cycling with SAM, which at the moment is broken.


Many thanks